My work in  addiction treatment  has its foundation in my own experience with Addiction.  Leaving home at an early age to attend boarding school and then college allowed me to engage in activities without restrictions. Drinking from the moment I arrived in a small town in southern Shropshire seemed to be just what was expected and I met those perceived expectations with enthusiasm.

On The Road

Using amphetamines, I could drink more  without becoming as drunk as I had previously. Parties and a lot of experimenting with stimulants and hallucinogenics meant that little college work was done. Unsurprising that eventually, I was asked to leave. Finding a group who were living out in the welsh mountains, and who had a lot of drugs made my leaving college and town exciting. I spent the next 10 years living a nomadic, chaotic lifestyle, taking a lot of drugs and drinking constantly. I was falling into an addiction that would progress for the next 20 years.

Heroin and pain

Eventually I was introduced to Heroin and found that to be the most miserable time of my life. At 30 years of age I was living in a daily cycle of pain and fear, trying to find a way to maintain a habit. Terrified of withdrawal and without any idea of how to change I eventually went to a detox centre.  I left the detox clinic determined not to return to using and within a day I found myself thinking  ‘a little wouldn’t hurt’..

Another 10 years of using (with a couple of attempts at stopping) left me depressed, miserable and at times suicidal. Long past the thrills and excitement that had been there in my younger years, I was in a situation that was unbearable. Using was killing me, I knew it but I couldn’t stop. My body and mind were in a poor state when I eventually went into treatment for 12 weeks.

From Addiction to Recovery

Addiction Recovery

Learning about addiction and finding other people who had been in a similar place as me was the beginning of my Addiction – recovery. Finding out more about addiction became my goal and I later trained in the treatment centre I had been a client in. Working within a rehab honed my skills. I worked with primary clients as well as with those about to leave treatment. presenting workshops on goal setting and relapse prevention.

In 2015 I opened Treatment Link.  Offering treatment options and advice to people in addiction. My experience and training within the field of addiction –  recovery  led me to realise that to be of even more use I needed further training.  I trained and became certified  Recovery Coach with the amazing Janique Icka Svedberg and have been working with people on a one to one basis since then.

Recovery for me was at first just  finding a way to stay clean. Today I  have the passion, training and experience to help others find their way. For that I am truly grateful.

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John Port