A Sober Companion will be there for you!

My work as a Recovery Coach includes being a  Sober Companion. Helping clients who require support in making a journey to or from a treatment facility for example, or who are on a work assignment.

I will ensure you complete the journey. Contact me for details.

Sober Companion Transport

Many of my clients started their journey into recovery by taking advantage of a detox or rehab centre. In escorting you as a sober companion I  will support you throughout the whole journey, and make sure you arrive at the facility without deviation or unwanted complications.

Making that journey into treatment is often a stressful and emotional time. The risk of becoming so intoxicated that travel is not permitted (especially with international flights) means that the best option is to engage me as your Sober Companion.

The journey back from rehab is  where you might be at the greatest risk of relapse. In these circumstances I will escort you home and make sure you are not beaten by the temptation to drink or use on the way. Whatever your circumstances, if you would like to hear more about how I can help…

call            01582 318597

            07446 260817

On an Assignment? – A work commitment?

When it is vital that you, or your employee  completes  the  assignment

I work with clients who have a specific task to perform.  At a conference delivering a keynote speech, or on location for a film company, whatever the work assignment I am able to blend in and discreetly be a presence to support you in staying focused on your task rather than  drinking or using.

After making the decision to engage me as your Sober Companion I will go through the details of your assignment with you and plan how I can best support you without hindering your working day.  To be of real use to you I will require details of your role, itinerary and history. All of which I will keep strictly confidential and am happy to sign an agreement to that effect.

There are no limitations as to where I can travel to, or in terms of duration of assignment, though it is  advisable to give  me as much notice as possible to guarantee availability. To secure a future placement, a deposit is required with  payment of my fee made before the first day of the assignment.

For more details and an idea of costs, please contact me with an outline of your needs.

   Tel:      01582 318597

   Mob:   07446 260817

   Email:  info@johnport-recoverycoach.co.uk