Alcohol rehab and 12 steps

Some of my clients that have completed an alcohol rehab ask me if there is an alternative to the 12 steps.

Alcohol rehab  addiction recovery

I have no doubt that the 12 step programme has been working for countless people but I also know that there are many that have successfully found addiction recovery without being engaged in AA, CA or NA.However, this does not mean that there is nothing to do other than not drink. Many have tried this and have been dismayed to find themselves drunk again and usually quite quickly.

Mind Body Spirit

When I engage with someone who doesn’t want to do the steps, I am happy to work with them to initiate change.  Looking at what needs to change requires considering the mind, body and spirit.  There often is a lot of work to be done in these areas. For example, I have a client who though very active physically, (he is a cyclist and a boxer) has not looked at how he can grow spiritually and in fact when I asked him what he is doing in this area, he looked at me with a look of pessimism. I explained that when I talk of the spirit, I am talking about the part of you that wants to belong, that needs to feel a sense of peace. He said that he felt lonely and scared and so we looked at action he could take to alter that.

Action  alcohol rehab action  addiction recovery

Recovery is about action and willingness to change behaviours and attitudes. Being open minded as a coach allows me to help people where they are. I motivate and encourage my clients to face their fears and challenge some of their beliefs. Ultimately though, the way forward depends upon being willing to put the effort into reaching your goals.

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